The Wide Range of Wii Accessories

It is unreal all the Nintendo Wii accessories you can get for your Wii. Some are mandatory for game play, like the wireless remote controllers, and the nunchuk controller. Others enhance game play, and some, like chargers, are used for the hardware side of gaming.

The many remote controller attachments sports attachments are great Wii accessories to have. They make playing sports game more fun because instead of holding a controller, it is like you are actually using the sports equipment you are controlling. Remote attachments for sports are tennis rackets, golf clubs, baseball bat, boxing gloves, crossbow, bowling ball, ping pong paddles, fishing pole, and a billiard pole.

Other great accessories are the variety of Wii guns for the Wii remote. Some of the many guns are the Combat Shooter, the SureShot Rifle, the Magnum Gun, the Rumble Shooter, and the Shot Gun. There are also swords for the sword fighting action games.  And for all that racing fun there are steering wheels that also attach to the Wii remotes.

The Wii Fit balance board is a popular accessory. Not only is it used for fitness games, but there are many other games out there that use the balance board, like winter sports games (snowboarding, skiing), dancing games, and circus games among a few. These games have one doing things that constitute exercise, but it is disguised as fun. There are accessories available for the Wii balance board including a riser aerobic step, silicone sleeves in a variety of colors, and even a skateboard/snowboard.

Besides the balance board, there are other fitness accessories to use with exercise games.  Yoga or fitness mats, exercise speedometer adapters, dumbbells, resistance straps used in conjunction with a Wii controller, and a Wii push-up bar are some of the available options. You can get accessory kits like the Wii 5-In-1 Fitness Bundle, or the Wii Fit Bundle.

A fairly new and awesome accessory is the Wii MotionPlus. It attaches to the end of the Wii Remote and contains an additional sensor that tracks players’ movements in finer detail and with greater accuracy than ever before. With the increased level of precision, gamers have become more immersed in Wii game play. Gamers love it. Now there is no lag time and movement is replicated on the TV screen in real time.  It has really taken Wii games up a notch.

Instead of continually buying and replacing batteries for the controllers, it is smart to get charging docks compatible to the Wii system. The docks usually come with rechargeable batteries and when not playing, dock the remotes and charge up the batteries. There are charging stations for two controllers, or four controllers. Also available is a rechargeable battery pack for the Wii Fit balance board.

Other great hardware includes the Wii LAN Adapter for gamers who like to go online and play games such as Call of Duty but don’t have wireless internet connection.

Nintendo makes many accessories but there are also third parties like Nyko and Intec that offer accessories compatible for the Wii game system.

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