The Wenger Commando Watch for Non-Military People

Originally designed for use by the Swiss military, the Wenger watch has since become perfectly acceptable for use every single day. A wide range of designs makes it possible to find a watch suitable for any occasion. Sports models are rugged enough to stand up to vigorous activity. There are also classic designs that are more refined and intended to be worn when it is appropriate to be more dressed up or you are getting ready to go out on the town.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to selecting styles and brand names. Several brands are priced way beyond the reasonable price range for use on a daily basis but there are others that are quite affordable. With enough research it is possible to buy a quality watch at a price you can afford. There are plenty of options that cost well less than $200. Higher end watches with additional features will still fit the budget of most people.

The commando chronograph has three dials with black backgrounds and a strap made out of rubber. It includes a handy tachymeter. It will survive water submersion to 330 feet and is rugged enough to stand up to vigorous activity. The date is also displayed on the face and is easy to read.

The sporty Alpine Ralley is accented with red. It features a rubber strap so it will stay in place even when participating in sports or exercising. The XL is a military watch with a little more style. The face is finished with brushed nickel and the standard leather band is simply designed. This elegant piece will look great with any suit. Also sleek is the brigade model, which is suitable when formality is called for. The Wenger name is synonymous with quality and consumers can depend on getting a great product for their money.

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