The Ultimate Martini-Pomegranate

Have you ever gone out with friends after work for a drink and realized you were bored ordering your usual. Or better yet you are tired of the taste of “the usual”. Does your head spin looking at the drink menu and trying to decipher what is in some of those drinks that have the long silly names? Next time you venture out for cocktails you need to give your taste buds a treat and order a Pomegranate Martini. Your mouth will say “Wow, is that sweet or sour that is making my mouth pucker.

Now I know you are probably thinking a Martini ? I thought those were made with gin and vermouth and they are the type of drinks your parents or grandparents may drink. Well that is no longer the case. The Pomegranate Martini can be made with Pomegranate Vodka or you can use Vodka and mix it with Pomegranate juice. And believe me it will have your mouth saying, Wow. Just in case you are wondering what a pomegranate taste like, remember the taste of a Sweet Tart, a little sweet a little tart. Pomegranate juice can be very sweet or sour but for the most part the flavor is in between sweet and sour. Now in order to make the sweet/tart fruity flavor stand out in your Martini have the bartender wet the rim of the glass with lime juice and then dab it in sugar. That also gives the glass a sweet/sour taste you savor as soon as you put the glass to your mouth.

So remember the next time you are feeling down and out or feeling bored with the same ole same ole everyday routine give your taste buds a welcome treat. Order yourself a Pomegranate Martini. Your mouth will thank you for the wonderful explosion it will experience when the first drop passes over your tongue and the sweet mixes with the tart in a fantastically delicious flavorful delight. And for an added kick to enjoy after you have finished your Pomegranate Martini and are debating about ordering another, have the bartender put an olive in the Martini so it soaks up the Pomegranate juice and you can enjoy the tart/sweet flavor as you bite into that olive.

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