The Sprint Family Locator Can Provide A Peace Of Mind

Few things in life can provide as much peace of mind as the Sprint Family Locator can. If you have children, you’re probably worried about them quite a bit when they’re away from you. The Sprint Family Tracker isn’t a free cell phone tracking application and you will have to pay $5.00 a month if you would like to try it but it is definitely worth the money because of the peace of mind that it provides.

If you are familiar with cell phone tracking applications, you probably wonder why you would want to pay to use a service that you can get for free. Many cell phone tracking applications are on the market are free but they don’t offer a feature called “automatic safety checks”. This is a feature that allows you to automatically check the location of a particular cell phone on your cell phone account without you needing to take any action.

It’s quite easy to configure automatic safety checks. All you need to do is log into the Sprint Family Locator web site and select the phone that you would like to get automatic safety check for. You’ll then choose the time of day that you would like the safety check. Then, at that particular time of day, you will get a text messages sent to your cell phone with the exact location of that particular phone. Now, let me tell you how this is useful to me.

My brother in law lives with us and he is a little bit slow because of an accident that he had at work several years ago. My husband worries all of the time about his brother. Because we both work, he stays home alone a lot and sometimes wanders off. Most of the time he can find his way back without a problem but he sometimes gets a little bit confused and gets lost. With the Sprint Family Locator is automatic safety check, my husband gets automatic text messages sent him letting him know the exact location of his brother throughout the day. This has reduced the stress load on him tremendously because he doesn’t have to constantly be thinking about where his brother is during the workday. He can focus on work and know that this Sprint safety check feature will let him know if there’s a problem.

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