The Scorpion Exo Helmet

Real riders know what a good helmet looks like, as well as who makes it. Many good companies exist that make some of the finest helmets in the world and one of them is Scorpion USA. With its 800,000 square foot facility and almost 400 technicians in California, the company controls every step of the helmet manufacturing process for all Scorpion helmets they sell.

In recent years, Scorpion has released quality and innovative products that are extremely affordable. The company’s EXO line of helmets is changing the standard for safety and comfort with the new Air Fit system. Now there is actually a helmet that is one size fits all. The inner lining is pumped up with a device located at the front of all EXO closed face helmets. There is also a deflate button so the helmet can be removed easily after use. Pumping up the inner lining ensures a more secure fit and added safety in the event of a crash.

The Scorpion EXO Helmet line also has many other industry leading design and functional features. Helmets from Scorpion are manufactured with a proprietary mixture of fiberglass and Kevlar. They are aero tuned and wind tunnel tested to ensure supreme aerodynamic design. All closed faced models also have an EPS lined chin bar for more comfort. Closed faced models also feature speed shift and quick-change shield systems as well as safety locking mechanisms.

Face shields on all Scorpion helmets are also very unique. The company uses a hardening process to make its shields optically correct and scratch resistant. They are marketed under the name EverClear no-fog face shield. Other features of closed and some open faced helmets include adjustable ventilation systems, breath deflectors to reduce fog, available custom liners and cheek pads, washable liners, and Scorpion’s famous Air Fit inflation system. Most helmets retail for fewer than 350 dollars.

If you are new to the biking world, Scorpion is a company worth checking out. They make some of the most innovative and quality helmets in the industry and also carry a wide array of biking apparel, snow and other accessories.

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