The Revolutionary Tassimo

As one of the most acclaimed kitchen appliances today, the Tassimo brewer keeps revolutionizing the methods in making coffees and other brewed beverages in one single coffee machine. In this regard, more modern models are always coming out into the market to provide for better means in making satisfying cups of coffees and teas.

One of the latest offerings by the company is the Bosch coffee maker which has an introductory price of $169.  This comes in a more updated color and design as compared to previous models; there are dual color combinations of black and red as well as silver and black so you can choose which one would blend better with your kitchen surroundings. It also has a solid look which shows durability as well as reliability for all its kitchen functionalities.

New varieties in Tassimo coffee discs are also being made by the companies that produce exclusive T Discs. There are now 7 choices in the blends and flavors that you can get from Starbucks and these are sold in either variety packs or single flavored packs; each box only costs around $10 and you can already make 6 cups of your favorite brew with it. The Tassimo coffee pods from this brand always have accompanying milk discs that you can use to make a perfect drink and both of these are brewed in your coffee machine for just a few seconds.

You can also get your Tassimo coffee pods from other brands online; actually, there are about 12 manufacturers of coffee discs which present a really wide variety in the drinks that you can prepare at home. Carte Noire’s Expresso is a truly magical treat for all espresso lovers as this has the distinguished taste of strong coffee that differs from other brands’ way of making the same brew. The price is reasonable too as you can get a 16-piece box of this blend for only $8.

The revolutionary characteristics that the Tassimo brewer and coffee discs possess goes beyond the high expectations of many coffee drinkers. And for this reason, the huge following of the brand just keeps growing and growing each day.

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