The Popularity of Amethyst Rings

What modern woman has never owned or at least fallen in love with amethyst rings once or twice in her life? It could be that the reason for their popularity is the versatility and beauty of amethyst. Peek through any jewelry display window and if they carry natural semiprecious stones, some will feature amethyst. The pure lavender hue matches well with a number of other stones it suits both gold and silver metals, and works well in either formal or informal designs. A quick search of Rings Midas ( shows that amethyst is only one of many ring style available, and yet still it holds its rank among the world’s most fashionable gems.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. While this is a factor in the popularity of amethyst rings, it has a way of turning up on those of us born during the rest of the year. As stated earlier, amethyst is a very versatile stone. When paired with silver and white gold, the blue undertones in the violet to lavender coloring become more apparent and brighter. The right silver toned setting can cause this stone to appear to glow. Yellow gold, on the other hand, simply adds to the depth of the stone, which can be breathtaking. When paired with other natural stones, amethyst goes well with the lighter colored stones such as diamond and citrine.

The style of the amethyst ring can vary greatly too. From new and trendy to antique and stately, there are styles to suit any taste. This is somewhat due to the creation of lab created amethyst which actually, can be almost indistinguishable from the natural stone. This makes it perfect for paring with sterling sliver and using in inexpensive fashion jewelry of all kinds. Paired with diamonds and gold, amethyst wedding sets and cocktails rings fill jeweler’s cases. It seems that this is a stone that almost designed itself for jewelry use, as it has a hardness rating of seven making it durable, but workable. It can be smoothed and shined to a glass-like luster or left raw and crystalline and be gorgeous because of its natural prismatic shape. The white streaking common to amethyst adds visual interest.

It is no wonder that throughout time, the royalty of the world have held amethyst to be precious. The regal color, its natural beauty, its workability and transform-ability make it an excellent choice for jewelry. Do not deny yourself simply because you were not born in February. Indulge yourself and check out a few amethyst rings!

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