The Number 1 Yamaha Drum kit

Many musicians still view electronic drum kits with suspicion because they have an ill conceived idea that all of these instruments can only produce poor quality electronically sampled tones. This isn’t the 80’s any more; electronic drum kits have come a long way since their introduction a few decades ago. There is no better example of this fact than the DTxplorer Yamaha Drum kit.

If you’re a beginner looking for a bargain instrument which encapsulates all of the quality of an acoustic drum kit it may be worth your while to check out the DTxplorer. I love this drum kit because it sounds incredibly realistic, is affordable, feels like a real acoustic drum kit and offers a wide array of additional features which will help players improve their technique. This is a genuine gem because good quality affordable drums aren’t  as easily comeby as great sounding cheap guitars.

The drum pads on the DTxplorer are really responsive and really do feel like you’re hitting a real drum. Most budget electronic drum kits don’t quite have the right bounce which makes it feel unnatural and uncomfortable to play. Many players even state that rubber pads on this kit are more comfortable to play than the real thing.

The DTxplorer has over 30 preset drum kits in its system which means you can attain almost any drum sound you want out of this instruments extensive sound bank. What’s more, these tones don’t just sound great, but this kits interface is really intuitive and makes it easy to adjust the settings in any way you want. The paper manual which is included with the DTxplorer is also incredibly easy to follow and provides step-by-step instructions on how t operates the system.

The saving grace of this Yamaha drum kit, and probably the main reason beginners will be tempted to buy this instrument is its price. The DTxplorer retails for around £470, this is a huge bargain for what you are getting. This electronic drum kit is the lowest priced professional 5 piece drum kit on the market and it really shows. Nothing in this instruments price range even comes close to the DTxplorer’s quality.

In conclusion, the Yamaha DTxplorer is an incredibly powerful electronic drum kit which combines awesome sound quality with affordability and playability. Make no mistake about it; this instrument is worth far more than the asking price on delivers on so many different levels that even acoustic drum kits would have a hard time competing with it. After all, real drum kits aren’t able to provide the extensive learning features provides in this instruments drum module.

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