The Many Looks Of Leather Boots For Women

From the onset of fashion history, ladies leather boots have long been a sign of strength. Her sign of supremacy – for, they’ve long been coupled with the apparel of the Dominatrix. The feisty female who is superior and manages to order the respect she deserves while looking fabulous and sexy simultaneously. No longer do thigh high ladies leather boots call to mind imagery of crops, chains and overbearing women – as an alternative the over-the-knee style boot is now synonymous with a subtle strength which can be found inside of every feminine, fabulously fashionable fashionista.

After pulling on a pair of thigh high or over the knee, she’ll soon find her walk feels more powerful and her confidence is raised. Matched with the proper outfits, being worn to the right places will not have thoughts of harsh and bizarre women popping up in the thoughts of onlookers. Rest assured there’s absolutely going to be many, many onlookers!

You might ask: what is the correct way to wear ladies leather over the knee or thigh high boots? The number one rule is to know the colossal difference between stylish, well made, in good taste over the knee leather boots for women and those groin reaching “pleather” ones you get at the stripper shop. While one type can certainly drop subservient males to their shuddering knees, this season’s less risqué, more refined style will absolutely transform a diva’s view on the whole day, no, her entire life!

Pair this season’s much preferred footwear finds with a short cocktail dress or skirt and opaque tights; combine them with your leggings or skinny jeans. Purchase them in go with everything colors such as bone, gray, black and brown. But for the fact that you are employed in the fashion, porn or retail industries, don’t attempt to wear them to your job because the 9-5 world is just no place for the over the knee boot – on the other hand, pairing a shorter length boot shaft with a terrific looking pencil skirt or always appropriate sheath dress is an ideal alternative for the workplace.

The bottom line in ladies leather boots is to keep it low key and avoid making your boots the focal point but rather, let them be the “exclamation point” on what is already well written fashion statement. Get a few pairs on the web today and be certain to include one in each length from the ankle boot, below the knee boot and of course, the over the knee style so you will have everything a lady needs to complete her cool weather wardrobes!

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