The Family Option

In today’s society, with the cost of living being higher than it has ever been, it is virtually impossible for a family to make ends meet on a single income. Families just like yours are being forced to make decisions that they had hoped that they would never have to make. Parents are being forced to choose between the providing for their families and allowing their children to be raised by someone else. This is a choice that no parent should have to make.  Many are looking to find a way to have it all. They are looking to be able to help support their family while still being a family. The answer may lie in a direct selling opportunity with Sentsy, a company that specializes in the home fragrance business.

When you join Scentsy you sign on as an independent contractor which means you are in control of your own business. After you join you can be assured that you have training available to you to be sure that you are prepared for the career that is ahead of you. This company truly believes in the mentorship program, contractors are not simply recruited and then forgotten about. There is an entire support system available for those that join Scentsy.

The best thing about being an independent contractor is that you have control over your schedule. You can work as much or as little as you need. This fact is a blessing to families because you now have the opportunity to truly have it all. You can work your schedule around children’s activities, child care, or even another job. The ability to have family time again is something that many feel is simply out of reach for them. When you join Scentsy you have the opportunity to take your family life back.

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