The Dynamics Of Tea

Adding a touch of old fashioned class to your home can be as simple as getting a sterling silver teapot. There are many available as antique designs while others are inspired by modern designs. In either case, a sterling silver tea set is always beautiful and sophisticated, so they are perfect for informal gatherings with friends and family just as they are for special events and occasions.

Still, sometimes people find it difficult to clean and maintain a teapot when loose tea leaves stick to the bottom of the pot. To remedy the problem, they may use tea balls for loose tea leaves to prevent the tea from settling in the bottom of the pot. Others prefer to use the tea balls for the cups rather than the pot.

Just as there are many ways to use tea balls for loose tea, these handy little devices come in an array of designs beyond the conventional round ball. Some are even shaped like little teapots but still fit into a single teacup. Most of these balls come with chains so that they are easily removable without having to touch the actual ball.

Another alternative is to purchase a tea pot with a built in infuser. These are much more common these days than they used to be, and it is possible to find silver teapots complete with an infuser if that is your preference. With these type of teapots, all of the tea leaves are held in the infuser unit which can be taken out of the teapot and cleaned separately.

Whether you decide to use the balls or not, it is important that you find the right sterling silver tea set to fit your personal style as well as your budget. You may not necessarily need a collectible item, but you can still find something to pass down through the family and create your own tradition for generations to come.

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