The Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages on Splash Pages Debate

Splash pages are used by reverse mortgage websites to generate leads for salesmen and agents. There is a large demand for good reverse mortgage leads and there is no shortage of people who are signing up for them. One of the complaints that we hear most often is the lack of information on these websites.The great debate in the industry right now between the website builders who generate leads to sell to agents and the agents who believe the disadvantages should be there, on the website for the entire world to see.

Don’t Splash Too Much Information

Lead generation specialists hold that if you put the reverse mortgage disadvantages on the website, no one would sign up for the service and they would have fewer good leads. They also contend that there is too much information as it is and that one of the incentives for signing on as leads is to obtain that information. They firmly believe that the general public will not be interested if too much information is given to them right up front. Part of the allure is the lack of information and that they need to find that point where they give just enough to peak the curiosity of those interested in reverse mortgages.

Illustrating the Truth

Reverse Mortgages sales agents believe that the websites should disclose more information. They contend that while the quantity of people who sign up may go down, the quality of those that do will be much stronger. In response to webmasters resisting putting down the reverse mortgage disadvantages, agents say that they could at least pose the statements as reverse mortgages pros and cons.  They believe that since the pros far outweigh the cons, they would be illustrating an important sales tool in which people buy into the idea of there being more good than bad.

No Truth in Lending

The truth in lending act of 1968 clears promotes and even demands the full disclosure of facts and fees. However, it says nothing about those facts needing to be on the website or a splash page that is the first introduction page and that has a sole purpose of finding interested people. To put the disadvantages on the splash page might do more harm than good. Could it be that the agents do not want to go through a reverse mortgages pros and cons list with every customer?

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