The Diamond Eternity Ring – A Perfect Gift For Any Ocassion

An eternity diamond ring can be as beautiful as any engagement ring. Diamond wedding rings with princess cut diamonds are also perfect eternity rings. The gold in used can be white gold except it can also be platinum or conventional yellow gold. Recently, eternity rings and more detailed wedding rings are completely exchangeable. There are diamond wedding rings set flush to the surface that are also perfect eternity rings.

When choosing wedding rings or eternity ring it is essential to consider how the rings work together. Eternity rings are the ideal preference as they demonstrate love without the commitment of marriage although they are called eternity rings for a reason and eternity is forever if you plan to buy just one ring. The majority of engagement rings are crowned with a cut diamond envelop in a 4-claw or 6-claw setting on an 18-karat gold band but eternity rings are more like elaborate wedding rings.

The full eternity ring is jewelry of white gold, yellow gold or platinum that is fully encircled with diamonds or colored gems each of the same size and cut. Diamond count and the necessary custom fit make the full ring a more expensive option. The half eternity ring is a less costly yet similarly striking choice. The gems are set to only encircle the visible half of the band with this particular version. Other than price, the advantage to this partly adorned ring is the ease of resizing if needed and the lack of customization that is associated with its full counterpart. Less stones mean a thinner band that is more comfortable fit on the fingers.

It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that although a ring is normally a symbol of something romantic, the word eternity just means forever. Giving someone an eternity diamond ring could simply mean you want to be in your life forever. So it can also be a symbol of friendship or even loyalty. These types of rings can be bought for many different occasions from anniversaries, birthdays as an eternity band ring, eternity engagement ring, promise ring, or much more because the meaning can vary between different people.

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