The Denim Jacket is Reborn

They say that fashion happens in cycles, that what goes out of style returns later on to be just as popular. Well, we’re at the point in the circle where the denim jacket is taking the world of fashion by storm once more, and this trend is making a whole lot of people happy. There wasn’t anything that said ‘cool’ like a denim jacket back in its heyday, and that air of toughness and individuality still comes attached to the new denim jackets of today.
Speaking of new, many of the hot new styles are actually based on vintage denim jackets, which can fetch some very high prices on the market. Men’s styles stay more or less the same with a novel creation here or there, mostly to be worn by models, but women enjoy a wider range of offerings in terms of new styles of denim jackets. One that departs from the styles of decades ago is the cropped denim jacket, something which may have been around in the 70s but is now one of the hottest things in women’s wear. This short denim jacket offers something to be worn on the upper torso, but exposes the waist and is visually slimming for that key part of a womans’ body. The cropped jacket creates a carefree look that is by turns cute and sexy, and just like a good pair of jeans can be worn with a wide selection of a woman’s wardrobe, including over some nice summer dresses.
Denim jackets for men, women, and children are available either raw, which means they have not been washed to get a faded look, or distressed, which is when they have been stressed to get a faded look. Some prefer for the fade to occur naturally, as this could be considered more authentic. But the important thing is that it’s cool to wear denim jackets again, so whatever choice you make, enjoy it!

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