The Classic Beauty and Sophistication of A Brushed Nickel Chandelier

During the medieval times, chandeliers were typically hanged in places of assembly. They were literally hoisted on wooden crosses with a number of spikes on which candles can be secured. Come 15th century, more decorative chandeliers were made. The use of ornaments and more creative structures such as wood, glass, and crystals made chandeliers more sophisticated and expensive enough to be a symbol of luxury and status. One particular type that has gained the interest of many is the brushed nickel chandelier.

Nowadays, different models of chandeliers made from brushed nickel have already invaded the market. Though this magnificent lighting fixture remained a symbol of luxury and status, there are more affordable types that can be used and/or customized to suit the user’s needs.

When looking to add elegance and sophistication to your home, the integration of an appealing and classic brushed nickel chandelier is always the way to go. Unlike other chandeliers plated with brass, nickel brushed chandeliers give your lovely fixture with a soft matte finish.

Chandeliers brushed with nickel finish are often more expensive than other chandelier options sold in the market. But the difference in your investment will always be worth it. Nickel matte finished lighting fixtures are proven to remain attractive longer than most coatings available. These chandeliers also require little maintenance because their finish doesn’t make dust as noticeable as it would have been on other types of coating.

You can place your classy brushed nickel chandelier in any areas of the house, although they are often found in foyers, the dining room or the living room.

The size of the chandelier would depend on the size of the room you will hoist it in. Larger foyers need larger chandeliers. Same rule applies if you want to hoist it in your dining area or living room. They would surely make a statement with your guests, especially the accented ones (i.e. small crystal chandelier). If you are considering on hoisting the fixture in the kitchen or bathroom, you should opt for nickel brushed chandeliers with lesser ornaments.

Have fun picking your nickel brushed chandelier! Make sure to acquire one that can brighten up the place since it is one fixture that would be there to stay,

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