The birthstone for people born in June

The moonstone has always been considered a magical stone, even its name derives from the fact that it can change color when turned, something similar to the way the moon changes color during its phases. As it has always been linked to  femininity it is said  to assist fertility, menopause and relieve period pains. If you are a student it is supposed to be the talisman for you as it is also said to improve concentration. While if you were born in June based on the modern birthstone chart a moonstone is your birthstone.  When you need to buy a present to someone born in that month a moonstone birthstone necklace could be a great idea.  A moonstone pendant would be a good choice. as not only this stone is meant to be a talisman but it is also a very soft gemstone and as such might be unsuitable for a ring.

What makes a moonstone more or less valuable is its iridescence which means its ability to change color when turned, although  moonstones can come in different basic colors. You will have to ensure that your moonstone will not lose its iridescence which might happen, for instance, if it gets in contact with harsh chemicals. Also ensure that if your moonstone is well set and coated as it is a very porous and soft stone.
Moonstone jewelry can be found set in both silver and gold, you can choose according to your taste and skin tone. As it is not a heavy  stone, silver is able to support it very well. When compared to other gemstones moonstone is not very pricey, a silver  frame  makes a lot of sense.  You are always advised to do some research before buying any moonstone jewelry and only go to a retailer that you trust.

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