Sweet Nothings From Mister Love

Love is never a sign a weakness, it is rather strength. Loving requires tremendous amount of courage and huge quantity of patience. You don’t even have to stress yourself looking for the perfect love from the right one. Sometimes you just have to wait. And one day before you know it, you have already found love.

If love is the only emotion that can make a person happy, then why do most people end up crying over a broken heart? Perhaps, most of us have mistaken all other emotions for love. We were desperate enough to fool and be a fool for someone who doesn’t even deserve our attention. Take it from me, a hopeless romantic still waiting for love to arrive. In fact I have already designed a gold charm bracelet especially made for the love of my life. I haven’t met her yet but I just made it anyway because I do believe that one of these days someone will come knocking to mend my broken heart. Everyday, I would pray that hopefully today will be the day, the day that my search would finally stop and be ready to take the risk. But if a day would end without a hint of love, it’s just fine because tomorrow is another day. Whenever I would pass by the store with a wholesale jewelry, I would say to myself “I wish I could buy love just like those jewels being sold big time”. But then I realized, if love can be bought, it has been sold out for long already. I think there’s no other choice left but to continue waiting.

I don’t want to stay bitter anymore, I need to be happy, I must be happy. Someday, someone will be there for me so I don’t have to spoil what I have right here and now.

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