Striking and Stylish Animal Rugs

Animal rugs have always been in the interior decoration scenario but have recently made a very successful comeback. It is the latest fad in home decor. The untamed jungle may be easily brought inside with the help of these rugs. They are cool and trendy and can easily transform any boring room into something wild and exciting.

A wide variety of animal prints are preferred as rugs. The most popular and commonly used animal rug is the zebra rug. Also popular is the rug featuring various prints of the hides of various animals such as the tiger, giraffe or leopard print rug. These rugs may effortlessly add charm and elegance when used in both homes and offices.

Animal rugs are available in a lot of different variety and price ranges. The rugs made of genuine hide can be quite expensive and rare too. But it is made illegal in many countries. Yet, it may be seen in the homes of the rich and famous. Then there is always the cheap imitation which has the same look but may differ in texture. The handmade or machine made factor of the rugs also decides its price.

Animal textured rugs are and unavoidable part of a jungle or African safari themed décor. However, it may also be used on its own as it gels in smoothly with all types of decoration. But it is good if the prints are coordinated with the other already existing colors and pattern of a room. When used correctly, they help to pull together the design of a room.

These rugs are easily available in all home furnishing stores and also can be bought from the online vendors. With creativity and innovation, the same rugs may be incorporated to create many different looks of a house. Make your interior look cozy and exotic with the lovely animal rugs.

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