Solid Oak Flooring Is Durable and Decorative

Solid oak flooring is a well known type of wood plank flooring that has maintained its reputation as a durable and decorative wood floor. Solid oak has been preferred by woodworkers since colonial times to make a variety of wooden objects from furniture, houses, bridges and of course, wood floors. They have proven to be durable as can be attested by old homes that date back to colonial times that still have their original oak floors in good condition.

Wood plank flooring material should both ideally be durable as well as beautiful to look at. Wood floors have a unique and distinctive characteristic that cannot be matched by other flooring material. Solid oak flooring has these qualities. Solid oak is a very durable hardwood and the grains made by the tree rings in an oak log makes wood planks that are sawn off it possess beautiful and highly detailed grains.

Solid oak flooring comes in an assortment of varieties. From wood plank flooring that comes in different grades to various finishing methods, oak types as well as colors, there is always an available oak floor type that will fit your requirements. Oak grades represent the quality of the wood floor. Lower grades contain imperfections like holes and knots in the wood, unequal shadings, and less detail on the grains. Higher grades on the other go through an intensive quality control process that weed out imperfections found in lower grades that result to high quality and beautiful wood planks that have no knots and holes, have equal color shades all over and posses a finely detailed grain.

Solid oak flooring can be either installed by a professional or by yourself. There are specially designed wood plank flooring that can be easily installed by a non expert for the first time. Whether professionally installed or not, the resulting wood floor will be beautiful and last a long time.

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