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Small Furniture for Apartments

Small furniture for apartments really allows you to make the most of your floor plan. It can also be a way that you can add color into your room. This can be something that you take with you from apartment to apartment so it needs to be neutral and durable. The other really great thing about small furniture is that it’s fairly easy to lift. Sometimes it’s modular so you can take it apart and even set it in the back of your car when you go to move.

The really great thing about small furniture is that it does allow you to just choose bold colors. You might not be able to get away with this on larger pieces because it would really dominate the room. However, you can bring in really brightly colored end tables. You can also experiment with a fun color of futon such as a purple or red so that it looks different from everyone else’s college or dorm room furniture. Just change up the scale of your decor like bathroom mirror lighting or a corner settee for a room that’s to scale no matter where it is.

You really need to pay attention to depth. Of course, you might be aware that you shouldn’t go with an overstuffed couch. However, you can also really pay attention to things like bookshelves. Usually traditional bookshelves will be a few inches wider than a book or DVD. Instead, you can find thinner versions. This is going to take up less floor space and it has more of a modern kind of aesthetic to it.

You can also really maximize your storage space in the bedroom. You might want to just focus on a really tall dresser. This is going to give you extra storage space. It might be the main focal point of the room so it can make sense to really use a very ornate design. Then go with a sleeker platform bed. You can even mix and match modern French furniture as long as it’s in the same color palette and you want an eclectic kind of look.

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