Silly Bandz-Kids Favorite

Silly bandz are simple silicone made rubber bandz that are growing wildly popular amongst children. Not only children, but teenagers and adults have also fallen as a victim to their increasing popularity. Silly bandz are made from silicone material and are rubber bandz made from silicone that can be made into different shapes. These silicone bandz are made into shapes of animals, alphabetical letters and a number of various other objects. These silly bandz are available in a pack that contains 24 pieces. One of such pack comes at a price of $16.99 and contains mermaids, unicorns, fairies, dragons, phoenix and genies.

Kids are becoming a wild victim of these silly bandz. These colorful bandz are made from silicone and can be molded in any other different shapes. This pack of 24 silly bandz bracelets includes mermaids, unicorns, fairies, dragons, phoenix, and genies. When taken off from wrist, these rubber bandz return to their original shape. These 24 bandz are different in shape and colors. These silly bandz are being collected by kids, worn by them and are being traded with the friends. According to Amazon’s sale rankings, the silly bandz are on the 8th number amongst the top selling products.

According to the children who used them, they are really fun to use but they were found to break in a short time. The shapes are pretty small but looking at these shapes in dark is real fun for the children as they glow and give an amusing look. The silly bandz have been found to be difficult to wear and take off from the wrist.
The silicone bandz are made from low quality material that breaks with relative ease. Due to this reason, the price of these silly bandz should be low. But, as the children love it, the parents continue buying them.

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