San Diego Tattoo Removal

Many people are surprised to learn that getting rid of a tattoo that actually has colored ink in it will be a whole lot more tricky than getting rid of a simple black tattoo. This isn’t regularly considered by individuals when they choose to get a tattoo with colored ink in it. Eliminating colored ink from tattoos makes things more complicated for those who choose to go with laser tattoo removal.

Most methods of tatoo removal that need light to work including laser tattoo removal and IPL are definitely more effective at doing away with shades of black tats than they are at getting rid of tattoos containing colored ink. Tattoo removal equipment that use laser light based based technology almost all put out different colors or types of very intense laser light. Laser light based tattoo removal techniques work because the ink takes up the actual laser beam and then changes it into heat and just about every color of ink will absorb a unique wavelength of laser beam. If the incorrect type of laser tattoo removal machine is used on the tattoos that contain colored ink, light can be reflected rather than being absorbed. This means the tattoo removal tech will likely need to utilize a number of different lasers. This also means that the tattoo removal treatment will take more equipment which ultimately boosts the pricing to individuals who would like their a tattoo with colored ink in it eliminated with lasers.

A few of the frequently used tattoo removal products that are designed to be utilized at-home are Nuviderm, Ink Busters (San Diego tattoo removal), Tat Be Gone, and Tattoo Off.  These types of products are better than laser based tattoo removal options due to the fact that they usually operate just as well on black ink and colored ink. These products are not limited by the same limiting factors as lasers are due to the fact that they don’t really utilize light to remove a tattoo. If you add tattoos with colored ink in the process, laser tattoo removal all too often makes the process more difficult which means it is also probably going to be higher in price.

It could actually cost up to $5000 to remove a tattoo that has color in it by means of laser tattoo removal techniques. Because of the high expense, many people simply just can’t afford it. In such cases, they may consider using a tattoo removal product meant to be used at-home. The majority of people choose to pay 2-3 hundred dollars as opposed to several thousands of dollars on removal of the tattoo. When people think about all the other ways that they could possibly spend all the money that they will have to pay out on laser tattoo removal to eliminate their a colored tattoo, they normally decide to choose a do it yourself product along the lines of tattoo removal cream.

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