Rocket Piano Now Available at 123 Music

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano but don’t actually own one? Do you have dreams of someday playing piano in a band?

People with dreams of mastering the art of playing the piano  and 123 Music can now do so without taking up too much space the way a real piano does.

You can now get yourself a Rocket Piano at 123 Music since all the cool features this piano has plus all the software you can download which comes in the package cuts the regular piano curve of learning in half.

This makes learning how to play the piano a joy and for this reason, learning takes place more rapidly compared to learning from a traditional piano. You can download the course you want to learn using your own home internet connection and the lessons will coach you into learning jazz, gospel, rock, rap or techno.

You will learn how to play piano chords under the expert instruction of Ruth Searle who has fifteen years of keyboard coaching behind her.

The Rocket Piano has top of the line instruction materials that are very easy to read and are quite user-friendly. There are eBooks as well which you can download that are one hundred and sixty-five pages in length if you are a beginner.

On the other hand, if you are more advanced than a beginner, you can avail of the sixty-five page version of the eBook or the fifty-nine page version for more advanced piano players.

The Rocket Piano eBooks include Exercises and Fingering Techniques, Advanced Techniques, Introduction to Jazz and Introduction to Gospel Piano.

As if these features are not cool enough, you will truly appreciate the jam tracks which are of the highest quality and arranged in a professional manner which could be played according to the way your skill develops.

This means that you can play the piano portion of the band or play the song solo depending on your preference.

You will be able to download a lot of different material as you begin your Rocket Piano course. You can start learning immediately especially if your internet speeds are at their maximum. You can access different formats like MP3, PDF or other software depending on your type of computer system.

The bottom line is that with the Rocket Piano, you will learn how to play the piano more rapidly than someone taking traditional lessons. Check out 123 Music for all the material you need.

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