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Rear view camera

It is well known by the name of backup and reversing camera. Rear view cameras are one of the types of video camera that are located at the rear end of the car, inorder to have a clear view of the behind area while backing the vehicle from the drive way or parking space. Although, the rear view mirror already exists in the automobile for that purpose, they arent so efficient. They lack clarity and most of all they dont provide the overall view of the entire area at the back, ehnce resulting to many accidents. Thus, rear view camera are the new addition to the automobile family.

A rear view camera has a distinct design than that of other cameras. It is designed in a way so that the image is horizontally flipped so that the result is a mirror image. Since the camera and the driver face opposite directions, without such arrangement of the camera, the camera’s right would be on the driver’s left and vice versa. A mirrored image will make the orientation of the display consistent with the physical mirrors installed on the vehicle.

These cameras have a wide-angle or fisheye lens. Although such lens spoils the camera’s ability to see faraway objects, it allows the camera to see a clear horizontal path from one corner to the other. These cameras dont give a straight back view, but is pointed on a downward angle, to view potential obstacles on the ground as well as the position of approaching a downward angle.

The variety of rearview camera available in the market is astonishing. There seems to be one camera for atleast one kind of vehicle. For instance, there are rearview camera systems with built-in servomechanisms for large  vehicles. They allow the drivers to remotely pan and tilt the camera. There are also cameras with built in audio intercoms, which are used in addition to the camera system for communicating wiht a spotter outside the vehicle- common when backing large trailers or launching boats.

These cameras come with a number of different applications. Depending on the application and the entire system, the price also varies from one to another. There are night vision cameras that are great for backing in the dark, when the positioning at the the intensity of the vehicle’s white reverse lights are not sufficient for this purpose. There are portable, semi-permanent all-in-one camera systems, which are designed typically for small vehicles that dont have displays permanently installed in the dash. There are license-plate-frame versions, which permit permanent installation without any permanent vehicle modifications.

There are also wired or wireless versions of these cameras. You are also free to choose, if you would want a custom camera or the usual one. The thing with custom cameras is that they are designed to fit specific makes and models of vehicles. The prices differ from one camera to another depending on the features they offer and the brands as well, but they are worth it if they fulfill your vehicle’s requirements. This is a very good way to reduce the accidents that occur quite often. They are a bless and you ought to have one of these for your car.

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