Rattan dog basket

Rattan are the long, tough, slender stems of any climbing palms such as Calamus, Daemonorops or Plectomania. Thet are mostly used to make wickerwork, canes and furnitures. They are otherwise known as wicker, cane, or kooboo. Many furniture including the dog baskets are made up of rattan. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the fact they are bio-degradable and hence good for the environment.

The rattan dog baskets are environment friendly and look very beautiful. They are traditionally handwoven and are very strong and relatively durable. They are very comfortable with a nice, soft cushion or mattress. They come in a number of sizes and shapes and thus fits well with any dog. Since, size is not a problem when it comes to rattan baskets for dogs, you can easily find any size you want. However, it is important that the size you get is right for your dog.

If you have a small dog then there are small baskets available and if you have a huge dog then there are big baskets accordingly. But as said before, it is important that the basket is spacious enough for the dog to stretch and move. It is not wise at all to get a basket that fits the dog just right. They need to stretch and move thus, always buy a bed that is bigger than the dog. Similarly, there are different shapes that these baskets are available in. They are most preferred and popular in oval, round and rectangular. However, they are also available in designer sofa style which are quite expensive than the rest.

The rattan dog baskets are very durable but it’s strength can fall off if the dogs keep chewing it. Since, dogs love to chew it is recommended to put “bitter bite” on the baskets to make it less appealing. On the whole the rattan baskets are a very good choice. They are stylish as well as strong and will keep your dogs comfortable and happy. They come in for a very affordable price of $30 to $50. They are available in any pet store or vet clinic near you. You can also find many companies that make especial rattan baskets as per your requirement. Thus, there is a huge range of option available. You will love it, as much as your pet will.

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