Quotable Writing Quotes: Journeying to One’s Self

Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself (Franz Kafka). In order to produce something worthwhile, a writer must first begin to know thy self. Because writing is the expression of your deepest thoughts, knowing more about yourself allows you command of the things you write about. Here are some ways of increasing self-knowledge so as to nurture your writing, which is applicable whether you are a professional such as a content writer or a casual writer such as a student:

1)      Know thy value system and keep it bottled. Example, if you are to write about euthanasia and take a negative stand about the matter, you might produce something which will reflect your negative view about the topic strongly instead of presenting all sides. You article will then be crippled. Whether you like it or not, the pen will bring mighty powers to those who hold it and hold it wisely, they must. In other words, your readers may take you view very seriously, and this may cement how they look at things. A good writer recognizes this responsibility, and as such, nurtures the freedom that knowledge provides instead of imprisoning it. The writer must thus present all angles so that the reader might make a sound decision in whatever it is that you want to present.

2)      Nurture your strengths. If you are by nature a happy and warm person, showcase this in your writing. You can turn something totally ordinary into something special through your writing, if you allow your strengths to rule you. If you are to write about flannel sheets, talk about the ability of flannel sheets to provide comfort during times of heartbreak. This allows people to borrow your eyes and see flannel sheets in a special light.

3)      Eliminate your weaknesses or if not possible, tone it down. You can only do this by recognizing your weak writing points. If you have problems with comma usage, know the ins and outs of utilizing the comma through the various Internet resources available. Simply put, conquer your enemies by making them your friends. There is no other way of achieving this but by looking at your enemies straight in the eye.

4)      Let others criticize your writings. They may be your editor, your teacher, or somebody you know that has a talent and skills in writing. You will only know what your limits are through others. Think of their criticism, whether constructive or destructive, as an avenue for learning and improvement. Don’t make the comments go to waste, use them to your advantage.

Because as they say, your greatest competitor is thy self, know thy competitor intimately. Conquer your competitor by always striving to be the best writer that you can be. Take a journey to thyself; this will perhaps be the most informative, useful, and fun journey that you will ever have. Bon voyage!

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