Pop up trade show displays have come a long way

If you’ve worked many trade shows you know how important pop up trade show displays can be. Most trade shows are held in incredibly larges spaces like arenas or conference centers. In these vast venues you are competing with dozens, sometimes hundreds of other exhibitors. Chance are potential customers are going to walk right past your display unless you have an eye catching pop up trade show display that stops them in their tracks and makes them pay attention! You could be the most informed person in that room, with a product or service your potential customer needs badly but if your display doesn’t stand out in the crowd you are not going to make the contacts you need to stay in business.

There are a wide selection of trade show displays to choose from. In fact, these days the only limits are those provided by your imagination and your budget. Go online to browse the wide selection of portable displays available. Most are extremely lightweight, a fact you’ll appreciate once you spent a few weekends lugging large, heavy components over an arena floor. They’re quite portable. Even the largest displays fold into remarkably small kits than can easily be carried to your car or van. Choose from painted graphics or Velcro fabric panels than can be swapped out easily if your message changes. Generally the structure that holds the display up is made from fiberglass or aluminum. While lightweight, they are also quite sturdy. They’ll need to be strong to withstand the constant tear down and set up inherent in the trade show circuit.

Ask about wire shelving that can be integrated into your pop up trade show display. Wire shelving is also lightweight, easy to move about and can be used to hold literature or product samples. Most trade show displays involve some kind of shelving or a rack in order to display brochures and product information.

You’ve worked hard to build your business into the organization it is today. When in the public eye, ensure that it is displayed professionally and attractively. The last thing you need, after investing in your trade show space, is a potential customer walking by because he or she didn’t notice your booth. Strong first impressions are vital when it comes to business. A good quality pop up trade show display should last for years and will rapidly pay for itself in increased business.

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