Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – A Buyer’s Guide

Since the 1950s, it ahs been a popular tradition for a man to give his woman a diamond engagement ring. Through the years, the ring ahs evolved in design and style. One of the most popular today would be colored diamond engagement rings. It adds an exciting twist to a classical piece of jewelry.

It is believed by many people that diamond is white. However, it is actually colorless. Today, colored diamonds such as pink, green, orange, and brown are being popular. Its color results when it is formed in the right set of conditions. The colored diamonds are rare finds and very unique.

Before deciding on what pink diamond engagement ring to purchase, first understand its 4 Cs: color, carat, clarity, and cut. The price of the pink diamond engagement ring will depend on these four factors.

Color: For colored diamonds, this is the most critical to examine. If the stone is smaller, there is a possibility that the color can be only evident at some angles. Make sure that the color of the stone is consistent.

Carat: Cost is dependent on the size of the stone. For colored diamonds, size is lesser important. It will be more expensive to purchase small diamonds with lots of color than clear stones with higher carat. Get a smaller stone with settings which can highlight brightness if you are looking for a very colorful stone.

Cut: the stone will appear dull or bright depending on its cut. Because the color is pink, the cut is more critical. Some of the most popular cuts are Princess, Marquise, and Round. These cuts are best in showing the stone’s color. The colorless stone is a more popular option if you would want an unusual cut.

Clarity: The clarity of the stone is a very critical factor to note. A clear stone should not have cracks, cloudiness, or dark spots. This is more important for colored stones since cloudiness could hide its true color.

It is important to note that pink diamond engagement ring does not come without having to pay an expensive price. If you cannot handle its cost, you can try a heat treated stone or a cubic zirconium.

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