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Did you ever think that a p90x review would change your life? The first time I read one of the reviews for this program, I knew that I had found something special. I was having a problem with dropping some weight at two hundred pounds, I wanted to lose forty pounds and I found that joining a gym didnt work. The first thing I hated about the gym was the bills, this was made worse by the fact that I was always waiting to use their machines, I wasted about three hours at the gym every day. However, I was not getting the loss of weight that I wanted, after reading the p90x review, I decided to try the program and see what it could do to help with my weight problem.

This program includes many aspects, you will get a guide to working out and eating right use. These guides were very easy to follow, I found that the food was very good and I would always feel full. However, I also found that as I progressed through the program, I didnt need to eat as much and this helped me to begin to see the results I wanted. I have now been able to lose all of the weight, I did this through exercise and the muscle confusion that is unique to this program. Focusing on different muscles will help you to burn more fat without the need to workout for longer periods of time, this will save you hours in the gym every week. The bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells are an item I used at home with this program, these are adjustable to the weight that you need. They are easy to use and help you to increase arm and leg stregth while burning fat and losing weight.

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