Outdoor Wedding ideas for a Sunflower Theme

A sunflower theme is perfect for weddings, or just if you like bright colors. This can give you a country style. You can also take it in more of a modern design direction. There are lots of different ways that you can work this into your big day.

One thing that you might want to consider for a sunflower theme is to add this onto your bridesmaids dresses. This is a way that you can even cut down on the cost of bouquets. Instead, look for ribbon belts that might have one of these details on them. This way your bridesmaids won’t have to wear green or even yellow. It can work with more elegant gold design styles or even popular cocoa colors which are very trendy right now.

The great thing about sun flowers is that they are pretty large so you don’t need that many of them. This can really be a statement piece if you just want to stay away from your basic white bouquet. You will really want to use actual sunflowers because fake sunflowers hardly are ever very convincing, especially if they are in garland kinds of design styles that we often see on archways. Instead, you might want to invest in real flowers and just use fewer of them.

The color palette can be a little bit difficult to handle at times just because yellow, green, and brown is such an unusual combination and it doesn’t seem like it all matches especially with gray patio ideas or patio slabs. You might want to be very literal with this and just bring in a lot of these actual flowers. You can really mix it in with almost any kind of neutral or metallic tones. It also really pops against white as well so it just depends on what your wedding venue offers in the form of table linens.

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