Oak Flooring is Perfect for a Neutral Room

If you have decided to decorate your room in colors which we call “warm neutrals”, oak flooring is the perfect base on which to build. Warm neutrals are colors like cream, beige, gold, rust, coffee and chocolate brown and each of these shades goes very well with the honey tones of mid oak.

A base of genuine wood, will add a look of quality and warmth to your room and, as wood has a tiny bit of flexibility in it, it has a welcoming quality that you don’t get with other quality flooring such as marble or travertine tile, which can be cold and unforgiving underfoot.

Of course, there is no getting away from the fact that genuine oak flooring is expensive. By the time you buy the wood and pay the cost of professional installation, it will set you back quite a bit, but you can expect your floor to last for years and if you wish to change your color scheme it is neutral enough to play ball. If, in ten years time, your flooring is looking a little dented and scratched, that is easily remedied by sanding and sealing the surface again and it will look just like new.

If you love the look of oak flooring but you can’t hack the cost, consider oak laminated flooring. Although cheap laminate looks awful and sounds like rigid plastic when you walk across it, the better quality laminates can look wonderful and they are so much cheaper than the real thing, although you cannot sand and reseal them in the same way, when they start looking past their best. Oak laminate is also a good solution if you are planning on moving home in the near future especially if you do not think you can recoup the price of solid wood flooring when you sell your home. Save your money and install a real oak floor in your new place.

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