Nursery Decorating Ideas for a Ladybug Themed Nursery

Decorating a nursery takes preparation, painting, and of course, shopping for new baby bedding. Ladybug themes are a popular choice for a nursery, and there are several ways to incorporate it into a new nursery.

Purchasing an ensemble bedding is an easy option. Ensemble bedding generally includes comforter, sheet set, dust ruffle, and curtains. Matching pieces, such as a rug and lamps, are available to add finishing touches. Ensemble bedding is available at major department stores for a reasonable price, which makes it an attractive and affordable option. A drawback to ensemble bedding is time sensitivity; it usually only lasts until the toddler years. Another drawback is the “matchy” feel, which can overwhelm the nursery with too much ladybug.

Using separate neutral bedding with accenting decorations is an option for longevity. Paint the room in pink, white, or red. Black paint works for an accent color. Rugs, lamps, wall hangings, and curtains provide the ladybug theme. Neutral bedding, such as a pink comforter and red sheets, can last into the teen years. This option allows more flexibility in how much of a ladybug theme is placed in the nursery. Neutral baby bedding gives the buyer more color and style options as well.

Visualize the nursery prior to shopping, and decide on the level of ladybug theme to be incorporated into the nursery and baby bedding. Compare patterns at different stores to find the most suitable for the room. Major department stores, particularly those specializing in nursery decorations and baby bedding, may have several ladybug themes to choose from. Certain patterns may look more mature, adding longevity to the room. Ask for samples or photos of the baby bedding to take home and place in the nursery. Decide how long the room will be decorated in ladybug theme decor and choose accordingly.

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