Not Your Average Designer Ruby Ring

A Florentine master of art, jewelry and gemology continues astounding New York and international clients, and although there may be nothing new about an Italian designer making it big in the big apple, Paolo Costagli stands out. Merely setting gemstones into gold and platinum mountings and creating exclusive jewelry collections for the who’s who of society is not what’s made this talented artist reach success on Madison Avenue, or what has made his jewelry become available through high-end stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. So what is it? What’s so alluring about what Paolo Costagli creates?

Contrasts, Simplicity, Living-Breathing Color

It’s all about color and shape, about combining contrasts like ruby red with lustrous purple-violet amethyst, about hand picked gemstones that are crisply cut, often large emerald cut shapes, and mounted as if set upon pedestals. Yet, the rings and bracelets and earrings crafted by this designer are not no unusual as to be unwearable, instead they are elegant statements, colorful bursts of luxury, geometrically crafted with clean lines leaving each piece uncluttered, simple, eccentric, exotic. Contrasts. Italian romance; South American passion; New York architectural chic.

Purple Amethyst and Rich Red Ruby

With a long list of jewelry credits and famous clients attached to his name, Paolo Costagli’s work can not be described in a quip, and so to exemplify the essence of what is striking, I offer a description of only one item: a white gold ruby ring. Here’s what’s unique. While most rubies will be set alone, in yellow gold, accented with diamonds, Costagli has opted to take two large emerald cut rubies, almost a carat and a half in weight, and place them beside over 4 carats of purple amethyst. To further create a contrast, he has used rich gold prongs to hold the gemstones in their elevated positions, yet chooses white gold and diamonds for the band. What might have been a traditional ruby ring is converted into a work of art, an explosion of contemporary color, a piece of jewelry that’s daring yet vibrantly alive.

Self Expression Through Jewelry

Those who can afford to purchase the Paolo Costagli fine jewelry – his ruby ring designs, his peridot and sapphire blends, his tourmaline and spinal, and even the latest collection of gemstone engagement rings – find that through his creations they express their own uniqueness. Although Costagli’s collections are not cheap, and are often auctioned through Christies and Sotheby’s, there are pieces within reach of the less than rich and famous. For a thousand, or a little more, there are ruby and amethyst earrings, and for a few thousand there are several rings, including the smaller version of the ruby ring mentioned above.

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