New Kindle vs Nook

Competitors will have the tussle, whether physical or mental or economical. Such is the situation for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. The competition between these two e-reader products is heating up everyday. It seems like they are trying to better themselves than the other everytime a new version is released. But with the competition rising up, so is their popularity.

Everytime a new updated version is released, they seem to better themselves and also throw a huge competition for their rivals. The Nooks and the Kindles have always been on a market war ever since they have been introduced. As of right now, the Kindle is a leg ahead of the Nook. After the new Kindle 3 introduced in the market on July 28,2010, there has been no firing from the Nooks. But before the third generation Kindle was announced, the market was on fire with the competition that sore between these two e-reader products.

The Kindle DX was announced on May 6, 2009, which had the 9.7 inches E Ink screen. The wide screen wasnt the best part of the version. It was incredibly slim with just 1/3 of an inch thickness. The built-in PDF, auto-rotate feature, text-to -speech feature are some of the features that has added spark to this series of Kindle. It also came with 4GB memory and a long battery life, lasting upto 2 weeks without the 3G on.

Soon after the DX was introduced, on 21st June, 2010, the 1.4 version of Nook was released. In this version of B&N Nook, they had so much to offer than their original e-reader. The display used to view the digital content was that of E Ink. Although the internal storage capacity of the device was 2GB, it could be increased up to 16GB by means of MicroSD expansion slot. The 6 inch display screen had a resolution of 600*800 pixel. With an Android-powered operating system, Lend-me feature that allows books to be shared with others and the ability to freely browse books while inside B&N stores, gave Nook its position back and set high bars for the Kindles.

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