Methods of Communication in the Cross-Cultural Marketplace

With each passing day, the world grows smaller. The ease of international travel, the ever-expanding phenomenon of communications technology and the instant worldwide access to media stories and events has resulted in a global community. While there are still geographical borders that exist between nations, the most obvious borders that exist in modern global businesses and trades are cultural borders.

This article will discuss the highly important topic of cross-cultural communication in the corporate world by addressing the current state; the many challenges that global corporations face in terms of the numerous methods of communication that exist at the inter cultural level, and the processes that many businesses are employing in order to overcome the language and cultural barriers that have the potential prevent successful international operations.

Global business and trade organizations are subject to many different levels of challenges when seeking to work with foreign cultures. The importance of effective communication is impossible to understate. The potential communication barriers are not singularly linguistic in their nature.  However, a company that has the ability to function well in numerous languages, as per global demand, has taken the first real step towards business communication that is both successful and effective. Beyond the technical aspects of language the considerations that must be made include, but are in no way limited to the following:

*  understanding heritage and cultural traditions
*  acquiring a comprehensive and intimate understanding of the national trade practices and economy
*  a clear understanding of the technological advances of a nation and the global economic positioning

It is also important to understand that a local business culture is likely to operate in a different fashion. These essential areas of consideration are part of a growing field of study in which educational institutions and governments throughout the world are now investing significant amounts of resources, energy and time. Successful corporations that operate globally have learned how to address these considerations within their businesses.

Of the many different ways that organizations can improve cultural awareness in their operations, some have chosen to hire employees with multi-lingual capabilities who arise from different cultural backgrounds, while other companies have opted to provide language and culture training courses to their employees, ensuring that all parties possess a unified understanding when conducting businesses with other cultures. Other companies use consultants that are experts in this area and are able to effectively evaluate the potential for corporate success when operating in a new cultural climate.

There are numerous businesses that believe that effective global communication must start with effective communication within the workplace. Understanding the potential value of the ability to successfully operate overseas makes it necessary for all companies to invest in improving all levels of the communication process. By doing so, businesses ensure themselves an optimal place in the international business frontier.

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