Manual Photography with the Nikon P7000

The Nikon P7000 is the latest in the Nikon Coolpix lineup to be released by Nikon and even in the short time since it’s introduction is shaping up to be a contender on the best digital camera charts for 2010.

This is not a cheap digital camera. As the flagship model in Nikon’s point and shoot or compact camera class, the Nikon P7000 offers advanced features and flexibility that appeals to advanced shooters, whether they are professional photographers or just use photography as a hobby.

Styled in the popular rangefinder digital camera body style with a dedicated viewfinder, easy to control dials for the most common of digital camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO settings and exposure control are just a twist of a dedicated dial away, usually without the need to remove your eye from the viewfinder.

Equipped with standard features such as much larger CCD sensor, the 10.1 megapixels of resolution, while small compared to some other 2010 point and shoot cameras, th Nikon P7000 offers poster sized prints that are just gorgeous to the eye and without any noise, pixels, or any other aberrations.

With the Nikon P7000 being the top of the coolpix camera lineup, Nikon did not scrimp on supplying a lens to match the much larger digital camera sensor: The Nikon P7000 offers a 7.1x optical zoom lens that works out to a usable focal length range of 28mm on the wide angle end which is a perfect lens choice for shooting groups or landscape photography. On the long end of the spectrum is 200mm which allows you to shoot far away subjects such as wildlife, or even from the sidelines at a kid’s soccer game.

The Nikon P7000 is an excellent camera choice for those looking to buy the best camera money can buy from Nikon in 2010.

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