Making Simple Dremel Projects

Dremels is an area that is unknown to tens and thousands of people. But, unknown to them is that it can enable them to earn extra dollars on the side with ease. Dremels have been specially designed to enable those without carpentry or engraving skills to create beautiful designs with ease. For a long time, its use has been thought to be a preserve of cad drafter jobs. In a layman’s term, dremel is a handheld motorized tool that can be attached to a compatible engraving or cutting tool. It has been coined from a particular brand name of motorized rotary tool. Making dremel projects is not that hard. All you require are simple materials which can easily be found. In addition, you will need instructional manual to guide you through.

However, given that this is a new idea you may not be familiar with how to go about the process with ease. Discussed herein are tips and ideas on how to create basic dremel projects.

What you will need

To successfully complete the project, you will need to have the following:

Masking tape



Candle (Make certain that candle has a wider diameter. You need a bigger surface area for you to achieve your design objectives)

Candle Engraving

Of all the projects, candle engraving is the simplest. To begin, make drawings of patterns to use on the paper. This may range from patterned lines to leaves. There is no limitation to what you can draw. Upon finishing the drawings, wrap the paper around the candle and secure it with the masking tape. Using a pen, trace the drawings on the candle. Take care not to damage the surface. Remove the paper and use the dremel to etch the designs.

If you want to learn more on dremel creations, it is recommended that you join a network of dremel users. The internet is the best place as there are numerous online forums and blogs you can join.

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