Make Your Own DVD Storage

With the advent of new technology, nobody these days are keeping tons of tapes at home. These tapes have now been converted to a CD and DVD. In turn, storing the CD and DVD takes careful planning in order for it to last.

DVD storage units are very helpful in keeping all that important memories or movie collection in one place. There are a lot of DVD cabinets sold in furniture stores today. They come in different sizes and materials. DVD cabinets made up of wood are very popular and some come with a cheap price tag. But what if you do not have enough space for a storage cabinet or furniture in the house?

There are other ways of storing these DVD’s and CD’s other than buying a cabinet for it. If space is not the issue in storing them, how about making your own storage cabinet? The easy steps are as follows:

1.      Decide on the area or space where you want to build the unit. This space need not be near your entertainment area. It could be right beside your bookshelf in the library.

2.      You need to be precise with the measurement. A DVD case is about 7 and half inches tall and 5 and half inches in depth. You only need to add at least an extra inch, for easy removal, when building a shelf.

3.      Start with the top and bottom foundations of the storage shelf. You can also equally divide the space in between to create layers of shelves. The foundation has to be strong and sturdy to hold up all the DVD collection you might have.

4.      If you want a movable cabinet, this is the time where you need to nail in the back side of the cabinet followed by the door. If you want everyone to see your collection, then just leave the cabinet open.

5.      When making shelf layers, make use of standard brackets to hold each layer of wood. Tongue and groove method will give a look of a built-in cabinet.

6.      You can finish the cabinet by applying finishing paint and filling in the nail holes.

Storing DVD’s and CD’s is really simple!

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