Looking for Simple Wedding Centerpiece Ideas?

When planning various events, trips and dinner parties, people very often say “keep it simple”. And this is something husbands mutter to wives when discussing with designers negotiating centerpiece design for their child’s wedding. The need for these fathers to have simple wedding centerpieces ideas is based on money. Dads don’t want to shell out loads of money on table decorations. To the average father of the bride, simple means cheap which means money for extra booze. Mothers of the bride however, believe that the centerpieces should be the best wedding centerpieces the designer can create. It is, after all, their daughter’s big day. It is important to note here that fathers don’t do this penny pinching in front of their soon to be married daughter; to do so would cause a family squabble. Dads know that it is impossible to argue and win against two females.

During the discussion, the father listens as his wife and the centerpiece designer discuss what kind of creations would enhance the reception tables. Dad sits quietly waiting to hear the price of what the designer is suggesting. When he hears the ballpark figure, he rocks forward on his chair and asks the designer to repeat. Mothers, are also a little shocked at the price however; they feel it is their daughter’s happiness that is more important. Dad is now slowly and incredulously shaking his head. He listens as the designer goes on to explain that the centerpieces will be the best wedding centerpieces the guests have ever seen. Dad doesn’t care whether the guests are amazed or not, he just thinks a few thousand dollars on decorations is a complete waste of money. There is silence while mother and father consider their options. The designer too is silent. She secretly hopes that Dad gives up and the entire centerpiece decision is left to mom. After a few minutes the designer, still hoping to get the contract, suggests only having candles in silver holders as centerpieces. This idea makes Dad a little perkier and he smiles. Mother, on the other hand, is worried that everyone attending will think they’ve been stingy and did not consider their daughter’s feelings. She relays her thoughts to Dad, who gives her a dismissive wave.

Most centerpiece designers are able to offer some simple wedding centerpiece ideas for those, like the father above, that worry about the expenses. Often simple centerpieces look absolutely fantastic and designers of these simple constructions have received kudos for creating the best wedding centerpieces. One should always remember that simple doesn’t necessary mean cheap.

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