Looking At The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine

There is absolutely no question that the most desirable rowing machine available today is that one known as the Kettler Kadett. There are a wide variety of reasons this is so. Let’s take a look at some of these.

By Far Most Popular

Since their arrival in the marketplace until the very present day, the makers of the Kettler machines have made quality their number one priority and that has never wavered. Next, the machines themselves feature a variety of attractive options for the consumer.

Another reason for their popularity is the value of a quality rowing machine to the overall fitness of the user. Certainly, beside strengthening the arms, shoulders, thighs and back, one’s endurance and stamina will be drastically improved as well.

Looking At Some Winning Features

Besides being able to take on a user whose weight might be up to 300 pounds, the Kettler machine also features a computer that monitors one’s progress carefully.

This computer which is well protected by the sturdy frame of the machine, records pertinent data such as one’s energy consumption and heart rate plus how far their efforts have recorded they have traveled.

Display Of The Simultaneous Monitor

A great feature on these machines is that unlike most others whose display only shows one statistic at a time, the Kettler Kadett displays all statistics together for viewing. They also feature an ear clip one wears that allows them to monitor their pulse rate.

Some Other Strong Points

There are many types of rowers, air resistance, water resistance, and magnetic rowing machines. This machine, however, features a hydraulic system that governs the resistance mode. The twelve adjustments readily available allow for any style workout from beginner to experienced levels. Still another attractive option featured is the outrigger design that simulates actually rowing in the water perfectly.

The Kettler Kadett outrigger style rowing machine also comes with comfortably padded seat, anti slip floor, and various strap adjustments to insure safety at all times. There is also no problem storing this machine, the fold away design makes storing the unit a very easy task for all.

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