Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Is my Favorite

Logitech Harmony is my favorite universal remote that I have ever used and I have tried several of them. I recently purchased a Playstation 3 entertainment system in order to watch movies in much better quality than a DVD player. The only problem that I had with this console was the need to get up and turn it off when the movie was over. There are remotes that are sold by the company making the Playstation, but it would be a stupid investment to spend all of my money on a remote that can only control one device. Instead of buying this remote, I decided to buy the Logitech Harmony for almost the same price. The reason that I liked this remote was the ability to program up to fifteen different things and one of these was the Playstation console.

The Logitech Harmony was very easy to get started with, I added the Playstation in about three minutes and I was able to control it when I wanted to turn on or off any game that I was playing. Additionally, I was able to control my television and some other electronics in my home. I don’t have 15 devices that I wanted to control with this remote, this is why I decided to bring my Logitech Harmony remote to my friend’s house, I setup all of his electronics with this remote without telling him. I then switched the channels while sitting on his couch, he was unaware of what was going on and I found it to be very funny. The Logitech Harmony is a remote that is perfect for anyone that owns a Playstation, you can control this console easily while adding almost any of the products that you already own. My family enjoys this product and it was worth the price. If you would like to Buy Logitech Harmony, go to Remotegeneral.com.

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