Life As Colorful As My Purple Laptop

There are many beautiful and inspiring things around us that we leave unnoticed as we walk the journey of life. Have you ever thought of how beautiful the colors around us are? Oftentimes we miss to appreciate the beauty of colors that we see with our eyes. For us, it is deemed to be ordinary and nothing to be thrilled of. Colors play an important role in our daily lives. It makes us happy and can also make us sad. Each color we see may have different meanings to every individual. Various aspects of our lives affect our perception of colors. There are general meanings however to each common color that we know. These meanings are standard in most societies.

As I am writing this article, I am using my purple laptop. Yes, a purple laptop. Not a black-colored or white-colored laptop but a purple one. Purple is said to be a color that represents royalty, class and finesse. My laptop exudes my persona. It is a statement that I want to convey to people around me. Each of us has a distinct character and role to play in the society. Working in corporate world with a number of people looking up to you is no easy task. Command and high standard must always be maintained. Thus, my style and even the gadgets I use must express credibility. I do not want to forego my feminity class and elegance thus opting for a purple-colored laptop is the appropriate move for me. In addition, it catches attention of people around me every time it is being used by me at different places so it does not deserve to be left in the computer desk.

Whatever status or position we have in life, it is advisable that we add colors to it. As the saying goes, we live only once so better make it colorful and gay. Make an impression to people around you. Live a colorful life!

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