Laptops Which are Almost for Free

A free laptop is a great thing, however, it is not that easy to find. Getting a free laptop can be very difficult but it is possible. It is not that easy to sit and answer hundreds of questionnaires and be a part of a pilot program just to get a free laptop. It often involves time, effort and patience which most people do not have. Well, if you cannot have absolutely free laptops, why not go for something which is almost just as good as getting a free laptop and that is getting laptops for the cheapest prices available. Today, it is not uncommon to find laptops under 300 for sale. In fact, there are many companies which are offering their products for very low prices which most of the masses can afford.  They may be models which are not the most recent, but they give the best value for money.

Here are some of the best cheap laptops out there. One of them is the ASUS Eee PC1000HE which has garnered a rating of 4.5 out of 5. This has a very impressive battery life because it lasts a long time and it has a very great keyboard. However it is bulkier than average and the glossy surface is very attractive to handprints and smudges. At a price of only $250, this is already a steal.

Acer Aspire One. This little baby now costs less than $300. This has 3 USB ports, a great LCD color, and a 6-cell battery. This is a little laptop with a screen size of 8.9” and this has garnered good reviews from users and laptop experts alike. The drawbacks to this model are the fact that it has no wireless capabilities and it has no Bluetooth.

Lenovo S10. Again, this is a netbook which costs less than $300. The specs are quite easy to upgrade, it has a nice design and a nice screen, however, the track buttons can be quite loud.

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