Laptop power jack repair


It is frustrating not to have full charge in your laptop. It is even more irritating when you think you have charged your laptop only to find after a few hours later that it hasn’t happened. Most of the time, you will find that the problem is with your power jack. Either the jack isn’t well connected or the the jack is ruined and is not functioning. The situation can be rather disturbing when the jack is ruined and it needs immediate help.

There are many reasons for a jack to be broken. Some fail under normal operation; usually after a year or two usage, parts just ‘come loose’. Sometimes the laptop gets dropped and the cord yanks the jack loose. Many of times it is because the laptop is moved back and forth many times to make the jack come loose. Typically getting the jack repaired costs $50. But if you want repair it yourself, you don’t only save money but also save a lot of time and learn during the process.

You can always take some professional help if you want. But why look out for a helping hand when all it needs is you? Why overpay when you don’t have to spend much at all. There can be many things wrong when the jack is broken. One of the solution to the power jack is re-soldering the DC power jack back on the motherboard. With this simple technique your laptop will look exactly the same as before but the same problem with the power jack might happen again in the future.

Some of the other ways to solve the problem of a ruined jack is to relocate the power jack outside the laptop case. This isnt the best repair because it leaves your laptop looking ugly and messed up. However, this repair is one of the finest technique, regarding the fact that it will last for a while because you wont be stressing connection between the jack and the motherboard. The next option is to replace the original factory power jack with a generic one. This is the best options available but it comes with a very small problem. The problem is finding the power jack that fits your adapter and mounting it on the laptop case. This technique lasts longer the former two.

If you arent interested in getting the repair done by yourself, you can always use some professional help. There are plenty of stores or even brand companies that can help you with it.


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