Laptop graphics card


A graphics card is mainly composed of a CPU(Central Processing Unit), GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) and memory. The graphics card alone is a small PC dedicated to graphics applications, independent from the rest of the PC, the only link being the information passing through the graphics port and power. The purchase of this card totally depends on your need, whether you are going to use it in a wide range, limited or arent going to use it at all.

If the use of your laptop is going to be limited as in for writing, researching, surfing the internet or any other low graphic program, then you wont be needing anything close to high capacity and expensive graphic card. In these cases the standard basic card that comes with the computer will be fine. But if you have other plans in mind, such as gaming or high-end graphic work then the basic standard card that is generally installed on most systems wont be enough. You will be needing a laptop graphics card to handle the programs that you want to run.

So, on the basis of your need and also regarding your budget, your options can be narrowed down to basic three. If you are to use the card for desktop applications then an integrated chip or a graphics input range will be sufficient. Secondly, for multimedia applications, you will be needing a graphics card that can play the desired video format will be suitable. Finally, if you are planning to use it for 3D video games and generally all 3D applications, a more powerful graphics card than the previously mentioned will be essential.

Many dont pay much attention to the graphic card when buying a laptop, but it is an important element to consider. Most of us, avoid this matter thinking it can be upgraded later; yes, it can be, but it is better to resolve the matter later rather than going through the trouble later. You can easily have the graphics card upgraded before making any purchase. If you think that the laptop you want doesnt have the graphics card you need, all you have to do is ask the sales technician the possibility. They will upgrade it without any labor charge. The only cost that you will be charged is the difference between the card you have and the one that you want.

It is important to keep in mind that upgrading the card later is possible but difficult and will need professional help. Hence, it is wise to have the card updated before purchase. This will save you time, energy as well as the money that the labor will charge. On top of it, your old card will go in vain and you will also have to pay for the new one. Also, get the best you can afford depending on how long you plan to use the computer. So, make a wise investment.
Purchasing a graphics card for any laptop isnt difficult but it can be confusing and this can lead to wrong decision and bitter experience. So, be smart and know what you want before making any commitments.

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