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Indoor Hydroponic Gardening For Crops All Year Long

When wanting to grow crops all year long, indoor hydroponic gardening makes an efficient way to grow vegetables, flowers and other plants without the use of soil. Consumers interested in beginning this type of indoor gardening will find several kits available that make it easy to get those plants growing. Addition of indoor grow lights can turn a small closet or hallway into a productive area that produces vegetables for the table or herbs for other uses.

Although growing crops using this method has been popular for years, many of the older systems were large and bulky requiring pumps to circulate the water through pvc pipes. Newer starter systems may be as small as a juice bottle or a five gallon bucket inside of a grow tent can be used to grow up to four different vegetables.

In areas where medical marijuana is legal, hydroponic gardening is often used by the approved growers for user for raising their plants indoors. The this set up helps to prevent theft of medical marijuana from outdoor gardens, an increasing problem.

With use of LED grow lights can provide the sixteen hours of needed light for maximum crop production. In addition, the water needs to have added nutrients in the form of a specially formulated fertilizer. This can also help to increase growth.

This method of growing gardens is also effective outside as well. There are several advantages. The soil does not need to be plowed and there is never a problem with weed growth. Additionally, the growth media is always sterile. If disease ever attacks certain plants, the entire system can be sterilized again before the next planting.

Hanging plants can use a drip system that slowly allows the water and nutrients to be dripped into the growth medium to provide needed nutrients for the growing plants. This water may be recycled or when used outdoors may simply allowed to drip to the ground.

There are many advantages to indoor hydroponic gardening. The crops can be designed for harvesting all year long. There are no weeds and the temperatures can easily be controlled for ideal growth.

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