Imagine A World With Service Scheduling Software

Imagine that a call comes in to your service center and the service center technician enters it into the computer. The technician does the normal things. He enters the customer’s name and telephone number into the computer. He notes the request and the details of the service call. The rest is handled automatically. This service call is scheduled, service representative assigned and all the rest of the details handled. This would save money and time.

This is what can happen with today’s service schedule software. Once this service request is put into the computer, the software takes over. That customer’s history is brought up, information about the equipment and warranty dates is noted, any parts needed are listed. If this servicing is done outside of your place of business air, this program will even organize these service calls in a logical sequence to save driving time and mileage.

That service representative meets the customer and the representative fills in additional information on his notepad. When the service call has been completed the representative will finish the invoice and collect the money or hand the customer the bill. The customer of course will sign the bill. All necessary parts were include, so there was no delay in the repairs. If the purchaser wants to pay with a credit card, the program can accept that.

When the representative enters in the invoice, that information goes to all the areas it needs to be put. The invoice goes to accounts receivable or as a cash sale. Any parts sold are removed from inventory. The employee’s time is posted on his payroll account. The accounts receivable or cash sales and inventory are all current. These programs work with Quickbooks or Peachtree to complete the accounting portion.

This new service scheduling software saves time, saves money, creates happier customers and eliminates many of the manual data entry problems. It is here now.

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