Ideas for a Shabby Chic Bedside Table

A shabby chic bedside table is something that you can create from a lot of the furniture pieces that you might already own. This style also really relies quite heavily on thrift store finds and antique pieces. You will need to do a few simple DIY projects to accomplish this look.

Consider going with his and hers nightstands. This is perfect if your husband thinks that the shabby chic style is a little bit too feminine. You can just keep things in the same color palette but go with different silhouettes which is also going to add interest to the room. You can also use these in other areas of your home like a shabby chic dining room or a shabby chic living room.

You may want to change up the materials entirely just so it does seem more intentional instead of just mismatched. For instance, the feminine nightstand can really have a wicker finish to it. This is also one of the least expensive pieces of furniture that you can buy. He could have a more modern or just plain square nightstand. When it relates back to something that is still shabby chic it isn’t going to seem too contemporary.

You can also do a lot of different paint projects to make your own shabby chic bedside table. You can add pattern to the drawer fronts for interest. An easy way to do this is with wallpaper or decoupage glue. This is going to give your theme a much more convincing look than just the basic stencil. You can use this style in a nursery if you go for a basic pink and white color palette. However, since this can be a little bit more whimsical you should really upgrade it for a master or guest bedroom. In this case you want to go with more of a tone on tone pattern and possibly keep it neutral such as a stripe.

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