How You Wear A Bandeau Bikini Impacts The Overall Look

When a bandeau bikini top is paired with the high-cut brief bikini bottom, the result is a stunning, elongating and attention grabbing, magazine look.  You have to have the perfect body to pull this off so it is only recommended for women who have medium to wide shoulders, long torsos and still longer legs.  This is the style most often featured in fashion magazines and on designer websites.  It is also the style that is most popular in Europe and South America.

If your choice of bandeau bikini top is one of the strapless bras variety, it can be worn with bikini briefs or even a thong-style brief for added sexiness.  While the ideal look will be achieved for this style when worn by the perfect beach body, women who have some imperfections can still pull this style off.  The briefs tend to camouflage wide hips, hide some cellulite and draw attention more to the torso, rather than the legs.  Strapless tops give an overall casual look but if it is made of a smaller print or a dark color, it can be a very elegant style to wear.

The greatest amount of flexibility for body types able to wear the bandeau style of top, is the bandeau bikini constructed with a twist design.  Since it can be gathered with more fabric, a larger coverage area can be achieved.  A woman’s body width would be less noticeable with this style of design since the focus would automatically be drawn to the center of the bikini top, where it twists.  Here, there is the flexibility of using either solid colors or prints, flowers or geometric.  Anything goes with this style.

Bandeau bikini tops are the latest craze in summer and vacation fashion these days.  They are being offered by major fashion designers and design houses, they are available in fine department stores, discount department stores carry this style of bikini tops and there is a plethora of options for purchasing them on the internet.  No matter where you shop for them, you will remain in vogue and in style when you show up to the beach wearing this trendy style.

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