How To Shop For Clothes When You Have No Time

From time to time, an occasion pops up and you have nothing new to wear. You forgot all about the occasion, and now you have to find that perfect little number and quickly. Here are some tips so that you don’t leave the shopping excursion disappointed.

If at all possible, avoid the mall. Smaller stores are easier to get around, are less crowded, and will likely have what you are looking for. If you must go to the mall though, park near a large department store that will likely have what you are looking for. These stores are often on the end and have ample parking. If you have a whole day to shop, choose early morning. If you are really in a bind, you will have to shop whenever you can squeeze it in. Try not to become too frustrated by crowds. Frustration won’t help you any and can even slow you down.

While you are shopping, enlist the help of a good salesperson. Tell her exactly what you are looking for, or for what occasion you are shopping and she will lead you right to what you want. As far as saving time, this is a must. If the store you are at is not renowned for service, or the saleslady you got seems like a dud, here are some tips on the store layout. The most trendy apparel will be toward the front of the store, on display for all who walk in. Clearance racks are in the back and other hard to find nooks and will be organized by size. Folded clothes, like ladies casual pants, will likely be folded on shelves on the wall. Accessories, like that wide brimmed pink hat, will be closer to the register as many hope that you will make an impulse purchase with them.

When it comes to paying, you do not want to rush through the transaction, but you want to make sure that you are prepared. If the item that you want doesn’t have a price tag, bring another identical one in a different size that does have the price tag or find another one in your size with the tag. Even though you are in a hurry, make sure that you understand the return policy. No one thinks that they will need to return an item when they are buying it, but you never know. Be comfortable with the return policy before you pay.

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